Me (byte version):

I am a builder, tinkerer, and a lifelong learner. I have been in technology in different capacities since 2006 - as a developer, team lead, product lead, consultant (tech and management), program manager, and CTO. At the core, nothing has changed honestly. I love to work with smart folks to build something useful that will bring positive change to this world. In Steve Jobs's words “Make a little dent in this universe”.

I am currently building Healthcare and Fintech products and also advising/investing on other non-tech projects as well. Previously, I have built products/services at WWT, HP, F1Soft, Catalyst, etc. I am a proud Nepali native currently living in Charlotte NC.

Life Mantra: Making things better by making better things

You can reach me @ [email protected] or you can also find me on Twitter at @rkwagle and Medium. I try to post anything from tech, the latest trends, my family, and life experiences to Liverpool.


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